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Go your
own way

When the girls reach the Senior School it’s time to focus on the subjects that make them shine.

We encourage the girls to be proud of their achievements and to celebrate who they are as individuals.

Head's Welcome
Head Message

Welcome from the Head

Our school has been educating young women for almost three centuries and we are very proud of this heritage. Although firmly rooted in the 21st Century, our heritage lives on through the knowledge, experience and traditional values that touch everything we do, everyday.

Clear and modern in outlook, our job is to make sure our girls develop the knowledge, qualifications and character needed to thrive in a modern, fast paced global society. As a mother of three children, I understand the huge pressure on young people today – especially girls, and I strongly believe in the value of a safe environment that empowers them to take risks, address challenges and be supported at every step.

Emma Hattersley

Do something worth sharing

Shared experiences are a vital part of our culture at Godolphin. Sport and music are hugely important to our curriculum and create many opportunities for working and succeeding together.

Do something brave

We encourage our girls to step outside of their comfort zones and try something new and unknown. Being brave builds resilience and confidence.

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Do the unexpected

Living in the 21st Century global society demands quick-thinking and adaptability. We encourage our girls to try new things and to challenge themselves by sometimes stepping outside their comfort zone.

Do what makes you happy

Wellbeing is hugely important at Godolphin. We believe that to excel at anything, you need to truly enjoy it. That’s why we encourage our girls to embrace the subjects they love.