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This page concerns the organisation of public examinations at Godolphin. For examination results, please click here for A-levels.

Examinations at Godolphin are run by the Examinations Officer, Mrs Pippa Fordham. Examinations take place almost entirely in the Summer at Godolphin, with a small number of examinations in November (mainly university entrance tests). If you have are any questions about how examinations operate, please contact Mrs Fordham on If you have questions about access arrangements (ie extra time), please contact the Head of Learning Support, Mrs Claire Firth, on For information about examinations in specific subjects, please contact the relevant Head of Department.

Please click here for the Public Exam Timetable for 2020.

Sixth Form for A Level/Pre U timetable.

Copies of Individual exam timetable can be viewed on the student portal.

Please note, that if there is a change to the public exam timetable, due to the exam boards making a change to day or times your daughter’s individual timetable on the student portal will be updated to reflect the change. Any queries regarding public exams, please do contact me.

Please select this link to view our Examinations Policy for 2020.

Please select the following links for the JCQ Exam Information and Warnings for Candidates:

Information for Candidates (NEA)

Information for Candidates (Onscreen Tests)

Information for Candidates (Social Media)

Information for Candidates (Written Exams)

Warning to Candidates

JCQ Privacy Notice 2018-19

Please follow these links for the BTEC Policies:

BTEC Organisational Diagram

BTEC Appeals Policy

BTEC Assessment Malpractice Policy

BTEC Assessment Policy

BTEC Internal Verification Policy

BTEC Registration Policy

BTEC Student Handbook