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Remote Working Information (Students)

Dear Students,

Firstly, I want to give you a link to a new Student Info site. It contains relevant news, and important links.

I suggest that you click it, and bookmark it now.

Secondly, if you are not able to be in a lesson (due to isolation, illness or School closure), work will be set on Teams. You should check as soon as possible that you can access Teams successfully at home.

You should have a Team for every one of your classes.

When to do the work

Your teacher will be setting work there at the time you would have been in that lesson. Due to the pressure on Microsoft across the globe, this may not always be in place, but the work will appear in due course. Therefore, if you are off School, you should try to follow the same routine as normal. This will give a good structure, a range of activities, and include PE, and more practical or creative tasks where possible.

As is always the case when new ways of working are introduced, it is important that we all work together to make it effective. I have included some instructions and guidelines below to help in this regard.

If for some reason Teams doesn’t work – come back later and try again. The work will still be there, you can only do your best, your teacher will understand. You have also been emailed instructions for how to get help if you need it.


When you are completing your work within Teams – you need to follow a few key guidelines to help it work smoothly.

  • Attend on time. There may be a video introduction to the lesson that it would be good to see, use your normal timetable.
  • Use the files attached to the assignment. Some lesson Assignments will come with files attached. If they do, open that file (word, ClassNotebook, etc), and edit it to complete your work. When you "turn in” your work, it will go back to the teacher.
  • Do not email the work to your teacher – either complete the file as step 2 above, or add a file to your assignment when you hand in.
  • There may also be files in the “Class Materials” folder of the “Files” tab.
  • In the Posts conversation screen, make sure you post as a “Reply” to the current lesson and do not make a new conversation.
  • GIFS and Stickers are amazing, but they make the chat very difficult to read. Please don’t post them unless your teacher asks you to!
  • Be nice, and make the Team team-work work. This is a very collaborative way of working, it relies on good motivation, self-control and awareness of the need to focus on the task at hand in each lesson. You have the skills; remember to use them.
  • You do not need access to Google to use teams. The instructions from Mrs Davis work fine without using Google.

Video Meetings.

Some lessons may include pre-recorded or live video elements. It is important that you follow the guidelines below to make them effective.

  • Do not download or share the videos. They are intended for your class use only; if you want to share them, you must ask the teacher and obtain their permission first.
  • Do not record the video stream unless you ask permission first.
  • If you are sharing your video (see below) dress appropriately – no pyjamas!
  • Do not video call other students. For now, Teams is for work.

Some key tips for effective video lessons

  • Don’t share your video unless you need to, use audio only to improve the connection speed.
  • Blur background wherever possible if you do use video
  • Minimise other apps to avoid distraction.
  • Try to find a quiet space and use headphones if possible.
  • Right click (or long press) the Teacher video to “Pin” it, to avoid distraction.
  • You can still use the rest of your computer while in Teams, so you can do internet research and complete your work, while Teams is running a lesson.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm on this. I am sure this will be a valuable way to help you learn in these disrupted times!


Dr Hillman