Xmas Jumpers 6

Quotes from our Students

“ Going to a school like Godolphin, I know I am extremely privileged. I believe that everyone should have a chance to have a successful life , surrounded by loving supportive people. However that can't happen unless you make a change, because not every thing can be left to the rest of the world to do. ”
Sixth Form Student
“ I started doing charity work so that I would have the experience of running a ' business'. I liked selling my work for a good cause. ”
Fifth Year Pupil
“ I get a feeling of fulfillment and contentment knowing that I might have made someone smile, something that most of us take for granted. ”
Fourth Year Pupil
“ I like doing something worthwhile and knowing that I'm doing something good. ”
Second Year Pupil
“ My cousin was involved with a charity...I went and saw the amazing work they do ...and started a club in Godolphin to raise money. ”
Sixth Form Student