115 24Th June2019 Godolphin School Photo By Ash Mills

Nursery Curriculum

Learning through play

We believe it’s important that the pupils can lose themselves in what they’re doing and complete activities without being restricted by curriculum. We create learning experiences inspired by a pupil's interests from a young age, listening to the child and working with our parents to find out what interests them.

Pupils learning through child-led activities

Problem-solving, creativity and role-play are a huge part of a typical day. Skill development is learned through play; literacy and numeracy are developed and explored creatively through ‘real’ and imaginary experiences in our ‘castle’, the ‘home corner’, and ‘doctor’s surgery’.

Outdoor Learning

Nursery outdoor learning is an important part of our curriculum and a natural extension to indoor learning. Children thrive on fresh air and are stimulated by their natural surroundings, so we encourage plenty of time outdoors for imaginative role-play, adventure play and environmental learning. They enjoy a practical and hands-on approach to discovery – playing in trees, planting vegetables and learning by exploring the world around them.

105 24Th June2019 Godolphin School Photo By Ash Mills