We educate young women in an environment that champions excellence across academic achievement, sport, the arts and personal development. We celebrate diversity of community and thought, and respect for all. We encourage every girl to find her own unique talent and ability, develop her own perspective, and realise her full potential so that she can go out into our fast-paced modern world and thrive.


Godolphin will be the school of choice for girls in the south of England through our commitment to provide exceptional and holistic education in a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment. Determined to remain modern and dynamic, we will continue to honour the traditions of our founder, Elizabeth Godolphin, whilst building on our founding ideals to secure the future of our School and our students for generations to come.


Godolphin is a value-driven school with a Christian ethos. We are committed to our founder Elizabeth Godolphin’s belief in the power of education to transform young women’s lives and enable them to succeed in the future. As a school we foster and embody the values of excellence, integrity, open communication, respect for one’s self and others, and service to our community.

Vision & Commitments

Celebrate the past: define the future. What sort of school should Godolphin be in 2026, the year of its 300th anniversary? 

We have set out our vision for the school and agreed on a ten-year action plan to achieve it. The action plan includes significant developments within education and pastoral care, both inside and outside the classroom. And we intend to match these commitments with equally ambitious developments across our buildings and facilities. But we need your help and support! To find out more read our Godolphin’s Vision & Commitments brochure here