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Nursery & Prep

If you’re considering choosing Godolphin Prep for your daughter’s education we advise you request a prospectus, follow up with a school visit and then organise a visit with your daughter. During her visit day, depending on her age, we will assess her reading, spelling, writing and mathematics through testing, observation and discussion.

Our Head of Admissions, Corinna Florence, will also ask for a written report from her current school for girls entering Year 1 or above.


If you’re considering choosing Godolphin Nursery or Reception classes for your child, we recommend you speak to staff to decide the right induction programme to suit their needs. This would typically include at least one morning and sometimes three or four mornings spent at the School. When allocating places in the Nursery class, priority is given to any pupil who has registered for the Reception class at Godolphin Prep.

We are registered with Wiltshire County Council for Nursery Fees Entitlement Funding. The current fee entitlement for eligible pupils is 15 hours. As of September 2017 some parents of nursery children may qualify for additional funding (up to 30 hours) based on government legislation.


Parents that are considering Godolphin Prep for their daughter must complete a Registration Form and return it to our Head of Admissions, with a copy of your daughter’s birth certificate. A registration fee of £50 is payable when registering and this will then mean she is on the list, but by no means commits you to the School. An offer of a place is dependent upon the outcome of her visit to the School.

Offer of a Place

Once an offer of a place has been made, we ask parents to complete and return an acceptance form with a non-refundable acceptance fee of £100 for UK and EU nationals and one term’s boarding fees for non-EU nationals.

International Students

We ask that when possible, international students visit the school before placement. If this is not possible an electronic interview (Skype/Facetime) with the Head must be arranged.

Mrs Corinna Florence

Head of Admissions

+44 (0) 1722 430 545
+44 (0) 1722 430 501