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Godolphin has introduced the concept of a 'Snapshot Morning' which has taken the place of the traditional Open Day. The idea behind the GO Snapshot is to welcome families in small groups to visit the school on a normal working day. To see the school in action as it is – not all buffed up and shiny for an Open Morning. The number of visitors per Snapshot is kept to a small group and the morning ends with an informal and informative Question & Answer session with the Head and members of the Senior Management Team in the Sixth Form Centre Cafe. It is recommended that a Snapshot visit is followed by a more concise, individual visit, where families will have the opportunity to focus on areas of the school which are of specific interest to them.

N.B. Snapshots are limited to 10 families so it is advisable to book as early as possible.

Boarding Taster

For girls who are interested in boarding, we are able to arrange a boarding taster whereby they would stay overnight in one of the boarding houses. This is usually tied in with a School Taster Day, but can be arranged independently as well. For further details please contact Corinna Florence, Head of Admissions

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